Overview Article 6 of Decision No. 443, dated 20/10/1437 H, stated that the Council shall form all the necessary technical committees, provided they include a committee for women comprising in its membership women specialists and stakeholders. The committee shall be responsible for reviewing policies, building partnerships and adopting initiatives and programs that seek to promote the status of women and empower them socially, economically and cognitively to ensure the sustainability of their family stability. Vision Saudi women can participate actively in a supportive environment that ensures equal opportunities and complementarity of efforts. Mission The Committee seeks to support and empower women through adopting initiatives and programs, establishing policies and building partnerships that contribute to promoting the status of women and strengthening their ability to face challenges, such as to ensure the sustainability of her family stability and her economic and cognitive growth and improve the quality of her life. Objectives of the Committee Developing and formulating strategies. Reviewing, amending and proposing legislations and policies. Coordinating and unifying efforts among authorities concerned with women affairs. Building strategic partnerships. Tracking and monitoring the status of the Saudi women and preparing periodic reports on same. Supporting gender balance and equal opportunities. Raising awareness regarding the rights and developmental role of women. Adopting initiatives and projects supporting the empowerment of women. Representing the Saudi woman in international and regional gatherings. Building a center for expertise specialized in women’s affairs that meets international specifications and standards and employs national competencies and expertise. Workflows of the Committee The Women Committee has ten main workflows compatible with the Council strategy, which seeks to achieve the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030. They also aim to activate community partnerships with the private and third sectors to contribute to social development. The workflows include: Women Functions of the Committee Proposing and studying regulations and legislations related to women. Identifying strategic objectives and converting them to programs and activities. Monitoring women’s needs in society in accordance with social variables. Proposing and supporting pilot initiatives for women’s advancement. Raising awareness regarding women’s rights. Verifying that relevant public and private entities are fulfilling their roles to the end of achieving the desired objectives. Supporting relevant field studies. Preparing reports on the efforts made by the Kingdom towards women. Building a national women’s database. Participating in relevant national, regional and international conferences and seminars. Studying cases referred by the General Secretariat of the Family Affairs Council. Representing the General Secretariat in meetings, gatherings and activities pertaining to the committee’s tasks. Target Group Women aged 18 to 59. Relevant Authorities Government Sector – Private Sector – Third Sector – Individuals Partners The Public Prosecution King Saud University (National Observatory for Women) King Abdulaziz University (Research Endowment Fund) Social Development Committee Al-Mawadda Association for Family Development Mawaddah Charity Association