We seek to translate objectives and strategies to operational plans aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030

segments of society in accordance with social studies, research and surveys. By identifying needs, pinpoint objectives and choosing implementation mechanisms that ensure the optimal functioning of work, we achieve sustainable development and improve the quality of human life. The wise leadership of the Kingdom has always focused on family as the core of society, with its efforts leading up to the establishment of the Human Affairs Council, which has taken up the responsibility of preparing the draft family strategy, raising awareness regarding its issues and rights, and supervising the roles and coordinating the relevant efforts of public and private entities. The Council also provides feedback on the national childhood, women and elderly reports, and prepares a database that contributes to the success of family-oriented programs, while also expressing its feedback on the reports, inquiries and recommendations made by regional and international organizations and bodies with regards to family activities and programs, and strives to conduct studies and research that serves the development of the Saudi family. In order to achieve these goals, the Decision for the Establishment of the Council also provided for the formation of committees (childhood, women and the elderly) focused on drafting various plans and projects that held raise community awareness regarding the rights of children, women and the elderly, in addition to improving the quality of the services provided to them in coordination with the relevant partners, and formulating family-oriented initiatives. This requires building a number of partnerships with public, private and non-profit institutions, and the development of cooperation mechanisms with all parties invested in social and developmental work. I would like to highlight the essential role of the Council in drafting legislations, regulations and policies and monitoring their implementation with other parties, in order to translate the objectives and strategies into operational plans in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020. We also cannot forget to commend the decision of His Royal Highness the Minister of Interior in response to the Council’s recommendation on the formation of the family affairs committees within the regional councils, in order to maximize the impact of the Council through identifying the development needs of the Saudi family in all the regions of the Kingdom, which aids in diagnosing and overcoming challenges and creating the appropriate solutions in coordination with the concerned authorities. Our pace of work is constantly accelerating to achieve our objectives, as we focus on identifying priorities, gathering information and evaluating the current status of the Saudi family based on specialized social studies and research, in preparation for the formulation of strategies and initiatives per the international best practices in the field of care, rehabilitation and empowerment, and implementation as per the values of the Saudi society