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The Family Affairs Council is a national institution established by virtue of the Council of Ministers Decision No. 443, dated 20/10/1437 H, on “Establishing the Family Affairs Council” (https://goo.gl/XrDSuK). The Saudi family is considered the kernel of society, on which the hopes of building a healthy and effective society capable of facing challenges and transformations are banked. The Council was established as an extension to the attention and care given by the Kingdom to this family and its members, with the hopes of advancing and promoting its status and protecting it from all potential threats and risks that could hinder its path to progress and development. Through cooperating with partners and executive bodies among ministries and concerned authorities, the Council works to promote the Saudi family and provide it with a decent life. It is a legislative authority that oversees the implementation of family laws by other authorities, and works to establish a database that serves family issues in the Kingdom. The Family Affairs Council is the official authority representing women, families, children and the elderly in international organizations and authorities. It unites the efforts made by all government sectors towards the wellbeing of the family, proposes regulations and awareness programs, and monitors international recommendations and conventions ratified by the Kingdom. The Council also conducts studies that help develop and strengthen the role of the Saudi family, and also seeks to improve the level of services that contribute to its social and economic stability, in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 and its focus on human development.